Generous and friendly treatment of visitors, guests or strangers.

No matter how it's said, or stated in whatever language, great hospitality achieves the same feeling, by making people feel warm and welcomed, safe and cared for.

Hospitality can’t be easily be seen, touched, quantified, or measured, but you know it when you receive it.  When it's delivered perfectly, it can leave a lasting, memorable impression on guests, even making it a life-changing positive impact. 

It does not take a doctor’s license or a graduate degree to master hospitality—we believe it’s a lot more complicated and difficult than that.  It takes humility, patience, generosity, empathy, genuine effort, time, dedication and passion. And, above all, it has to come from the heart.

We are passionate about delivering true hospitality, because we want to practice what we believe in: providing kindness, generosity, warmth, humility, and patience through our profession. Although we are always enhancing our delivery of “hospitality,” we know this profession is only one for us. It is what we believe in most.

Each hotel operated by VIP lives out the following guiding principles:


To become the preferred hospitality company for our guests, associates, investors and communities.


We believe the most profitable business practice over the long-run is to do everything with integrity.  To that end, we strive to have consistency in our business practice and the highest standards of conduct for every member of our team.


We love what we do.  We will endeavor to show our passion through the quality of properties and services that we offer.  Ultimately, we are not in the room-rental business but in the business of orchestrating lasting memories for our guests. Passion will shine through our associates’ friendliness and smiles, the cleanliness and crispness of our facilities, and the creativity of our service offerings.


The founders of VIP Hospitality are living proof that with hard work, perseverance and integrity, success will follow. While we celebrate our accomplishments, we don’t forget our humble beginnings more than 30 years ago as hard-working immigrants who knew very little about the hospitality business.  We learned early on that the words “humility” and “hospitality” are synonymous, and without living this principle, it is impossible to deliver on the true meaning of “hospitality.” We are grateful for the opportunities given to us to serve in this amazing industry, and are thankful for our customers, employees, investors and the communities we serve.

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