Hotel Operations

As the owner of several highly profitable hotels, VIP thinks like an owner when approaching all aspects of hotel management. Our seasoned management team brings more than 30 years of proven track record. Specifically, our services include: 

  • Human Resources: Hiring, training and managing personnel at all levels including rooms, food and beverage, sales, service, administrative and executive – all to ensure excellent and consistent guest experiences and highly focused and motivated team.
  • Marketing and Revenue Management: Promote hotels to maximize RevPAR and return on investment by creative marketing campaigns, leveraging and embracing the latest resources available in technology, and by analytically approaching yield management within a given market.
  • Finance: Provide yearly and monthly operating statements, conduct monthly financial reviews, and coordinate property insurance plans for hotels. 
  • Operations and Maintenance: As owners of several hotels, we know how to preserve capital and avoid wasting valuable resources. Hotels under our watch are operated efficiently through careful planning and budgeting and maintained at a level that ensures the highest standard in guest satisfaction.
  • Upgrades and Renovations: Implementing improvement projects do not just end at replacing and repairing assets.  Each project must be carefully planned out with a 'repositioning' strategy in mind.  We have successfully rebranded and repositioned multiple hotels to create lasting brand loyalty and exceed return expectations within a given market.

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